Even though our dogs are part of the family, and you may want to sneak them some treats, there are certain foods our fluffiest family members shouldn’t eat. Even foods or ingredients that seem healthy to us humans can cause serious health complications for our pets. To ensure your pets’ safety, make sure to never feed them the items on this list.


These are the ten most toxic foods for dogs:


Even though dogs are attracted to the scent, chocolate contains methylxanthines, a toxic substance that can affect or even stop their metabolic process. A small amount can cause vomiting or diarrhea, and a larger amount can cause seizures and even death.
Grapes or Raisins
Can cause kidney failure in dogs, so keep those oatmeal raisin cookies and wine to yourself.
Onions and garlic – Some people love and some people hate them, but your dog, should never even taste them because they can kill your dogs red blood cells, causing them anemia.
While the fruit is almost everyone’s favorite healthy fat, it contains a fatty acid named persin, that is toxic for dogs in big qualities.
Milk and dairy products
They have components that make them great for humans, but poor pups can’t digest any other milk that isn’t from dogs.
Nuts other than peanut
While some people give their pups peanut butter, every other nut is a no for dogs. While some dogs are allergic, there are certain, still unknown, components that can cause severe negative effects when consuming nuts, apart from peanuts (almond, macadamia nut, etc.)
Anything with a high sugar content can provoke in dogs the same it does for humans in continuous big amounts, weight gain, tooth decay, and eventually diabetes, but in a much faster way.
Have you ever left your cup of coffee and returned to it running, fearing your dog had a sip? Good call. It contains a stimulant that is harmful to dogs.

Yes, a bit of salt is okay, but it can cause a lot of damage
in big quantities. Salty foods can cause sodium ion poisoning. So, keep their chicken unsalted.
On your dog’s stomach, it will ferment and cause alcohol poisoning, it can also become very painful as it rises.
BONUS: Alcohol
This isn’t good for humans either, but alcohol can severely affect them. Small amounts can result into heart arrhythmias, low blood pressure, or death.
Keep in mind, this is not the full list of ingredients your dog shouldn’t eat or even taste. Everyone has their food allergies, sensitivities or preferences, and so do our pets.

Show your appreciation to your furry friends by never leaving these foods accessible and providing them a balanced diet, leaving out the items mentioned above.

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