Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Okie Dokie is not a service provider and it’s not responsible for the conduct of any user of our application.

What is Okie Dokie?
Okie Dokie is a digital platform that matches caregivers and customers who are in need of care services
How do I create an account?
Download the Okie Dokie Client App and click on Sign Up. After you complete the required information, click on Submit and Validate. You will receive a validation email with a code to confirm your account. After validating your account, you can log in. After the first login, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to finish your account set up, click ok on the notification, and complete the information on the My Account section.
How do I find a caregiver?
After creating a client account on our app, you can browse and review the caregivers’ profiles.
Caregiver documentation:

Each provider is responsible to obtain the required documentation to provide services in their jurisdiction. This documentation includes:

  • Photo I.D.
  • Sex Offender Registry Negative
  • Health Certificate
  • Good Standing Certificate
  • CPR and First Aid Certificate
  • Educational qualifications

Caregiver profiles will display the status of their documents, it will also show a vaccine badge to let you know they have received a Covid-19 or a Flu vaccine. This feature is optional for Caregivers, they aren’t required to provide this information.

How to book a caregiver:

Families looking for a caregiver can review their profiles and request a service appointment through the Okie Dokie app. The request will be sent to the caregiver of your choice so they can review the request and either accept or decline it. Once a caregiver accepts the request, your service will be confirmed through our platform and the payment will be processed.

Complete the following to request a caregiver:

  1. On the Okie Dokie app go to Menu and click on ‘’Create Service’’ or press the plus sign on the Calendar Section.
  2. Pick the type of care you need (Child, Senior, or Pet)
  3. Enter the time, location, and care receiver information
  4. Click on Choose Provider button
  5. Click select on the provider of your choice
  6. Choose Payment Method.
  7. Review the service request summary and click Create Service to send a request to the selected caregiver.
  8. You will see a Service Created notification.
What happens after you request a Caregiver?

Once your request is sent, you will receive a payment receipt. You can view the service request details in the Pending tab of the Calendar Section. If the caregiver you’ve selected accepts your request, the booking is automatically confirmed and moved to the upcoming tab.

Service statuses:

  • Upcoming – Your service is coming up soon.
  • Ongoing – Your service is currently ongoing
  • Pending – Pending approval from the provider
  • Delayed – Providers arrival is delayed
  • Canceled – Service canceled by the client
  • Pending payment – Service is pending payment; this may appear if changes are made in service that requires additional payment
  • Completed – Service completed successfully
When am I charged for the service?
You’ll be charged the full amount once your service is confirmed by the care provider. If the appointment runs longer than expected a new charge will be made to your credit card for the remaining amount
How to Cancel a booking?
To cancel your service just press the ‘’Cancel’’ button and a notification will be sent to the provider. Please cancel at least 12 hours before the service. We will process a refund for the service hours charged. The Booking fee is non-refundable.
How to Reschedule a booking?
To reschedule, you must edit your service and resend the request.
How do I add my payment method?
Go to the My Account section in the Okie Dokie app, select Wallet, and click on Add Payment Method.
How do I contact a caregiver?
Once the service request is confirmed, you’ll be able to send a message to the caregiver using the integrated chat on our app.
How do I contact Okie Dokie’s customer service?
You can send us an email to or contact us through the customer support chat in the support section. If further help is needed, you can call us at 787-503-0301.
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