If you need a caregiver, Okie Dokie can help you find it.

Okie Dokie is the best digital platform that matches caregivers and customers while creating a convenient, flexible, and reliable experience for both parties. 


Manage all you care receiver needs in one platform.

App features

Access to provider’s details and ratings


Private and secure chat between you and your providers

Manage payment information

Request different services under one platform

Organized your calendar easily

Receive automated notifications and reminders

Required Documents

We try to make this app as safe as possible for care clients and care providers. That’s why we require users to submit documents that validate their identity.

ID or Passport
To validate your identity you need to upload an ID such as:

  • License
  • Real ID
  • Passport
  • or other legal document that includes your picture
Profile Picture

Your profile picture needs to be a clear image where the users can identify you easily. Here are some tips:

  • Use a photo, no cartoons or bitmojis.
  • Use recent photo
  • you should be the only subject in the photo
  • your face should be in focus

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