When you’re shuffling kids to and from school and other activities, it can be hard to find the time to handle everything else. Statistics show that 9.8 million mothers in the US are suffering from burnout. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Hiring help using the Okie Dokie App is a great option to handle everything. In the meantime, you can also do plenty of things on your own to make life easier. Here are five actionable steps you can take to get organized.

  1. Streamline Your Schedule
  2. Using multiple digital calendars through one platform can help you see everything in one place while allowing you to narrow results to precisely what you need. You can have one for work, one for social and home obligations, and one for each child. You can also have a calendar to save birthdays, holidays, and other important dates so you can find them quickly and easily. Then you can select or deselect the calendars you don’t need to view, helping you focus on exactly what you need at any given time.

  3. Organize Your Documents
  4. Having medical, household, and school documents organized and accessible will save you time and stress when you need to find them. Set aside a couple of hours to gather everything in one place and purge anything you don’t need. Then, you can scan and create digital copies of everything you do need and organize them into PDFs. Searchable PDFs will allow you to find what you need with a few clicks. You can use a PDF merging tool to combine documents into a single file and change the order as necessary.

5 Actionable Organization Steps for Busy Parents
  1. Create a Cleaning Calendar
  2. A cleaning schedule will take the guesswork out of what you should do each day, week, and month to keep your house spotless. It also gives you a template of tasks that you can choose to delegate to others. If your home needs a deep clean, you may want to undertake this first, and then maintenance will be much easier.
    The tips above will help you declutter and organize your home, so you and your family can enjoy more peace and relaxation. When you are overwhelmed, tasks like organizing documents can seem daunting. Remember to take it a little at a time, and you’ll accomplish more than you would by continuing to put it off until tomorrow.

  3. Declutter Your Home and Office
  4. In addition to getting your files in order, cleaning out your home and office will make it easier to move around and find what you need promptly. You can box up any extra items to donate or sell any big things you don’t need anymore for some extra income. By getting rid of what you don’t need, you will also see what space you have for any new purchases. Moving furniture or reorganizing your area can also open up rooms you didn’t know you had.

  5. Assign Chores
  6. Chores help teach kids responsibility and help you accomplish household tasks without having to do them alone. While there may be a learning curve for younger children, the household will run more smoothly once they learn each task. Here is a list of age-appropriate chores and a guideline for how long kids should spend doing chores each day. Although the word “chores” often has negative connotations, they can be fun and even provide opportunities for bonding between you, your children, and their siblings.

Being overwhelmed is not good for your health, remember to take some time for yourself. Okie Dokie App can help you find the caregiver you need. Download Okie Dokie App today!

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