As students prepare themselves to go back into the classroom, parents play a crucial role in ensuring their family has everything needed for the upcoming school year. We understand that after a long summer break, it can be challenging for students to transition back to school. That’s why we have compiled some advice that will help you prepare your child for the new school year.

Encourage your child to reconnect with classmates: After a long break, it’s a great time for your child to catch up with their friends and discuss the activities they enjoyed over the summer. Whether it was a trip to the beach or exploring new places, encouraging these conversations can create excitement and a sense of connection among students.

Assist your child in creating a checklist: A helpful strategy for staying organized is to encourage your child to write a checklist of tasks and assignments. They can use their phone or a small notebook to jot down the things they need to accomplish. Writing tasks down helps the brain remember important details and ensures nothing is overlooked.

Explore creative study methods for exams: Studying for tests can become monotonous, but there are innovative alternatives that can make it more engaging. Apps like Knowt, Kahoot!, StudyBlue, and others offer interactive study tools that make learning entertaining. Incorporating games, trivia, and electronic flashcards can help your child remember challenging concepts more effectively.

Introduce color coding: Color coding is an excellent study technique. Recommend using three highlighting colors: yellow, green, and red. Yellow can indicate areas that require more review, green for concepts that are easy to remember, and red for topics that are confusing or harder to grasp. This visual approach enhances memory retention and helps students prioritize their focus.

Encourage the use of flashcards: Creating flashcards is a powerful learning tool. Writing information on flashcards engages the brain and aids memory retention. Encourage your child to say the information out loud and repeat it while using the flashcards. This active learning technique will contribute to their success in the upcoming school year.

These helpful strategies will support your child throughout the school year. By incorporating these fun alternatives into their study routine, they will become more confident learners. Remember, every school year brings new adventures and exciting knowledge to acquire. To all parents, the Okie Dokie App is a valuable resource for finding exceptional tutors for your children. Sign up today to ensure your child’s learning experience is enjoyable and enriching.

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